Whitstable Beer and Oyster Festival

Whitstable Beer and Oyster Festival

This July, on one of the hottest weekends of the year, Custom Drinks attended the four day Beer and Oyster Festival held at the East Quay venue in Whitstable, taking place as part of the wider Oyster Festival happening throughout the town.

Located on the picturesque beachfront at the end of the East Quay Harbor, the East Quay provided the perfect setting to sip cocktails on the beach. What’s better to washing down the fresh oysters and seafood, than craft beer and cocktails in the sun?

The Anno cocktails were tailored to be paired with the fresh seafood provided by the Lobster Shack on the beachfront. The hit of the menu was our newly created Anno Passion. A great mix of Elderflower Vodka, Cassis and Passion Fruit, the perfect drink to enjoy on a long, hot summers evening.

Throughout the daytime there were live acoustic bands performing in the glorious sunshine. The tempo picked up in the evenings with bands playing into the early hours creating a great party atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to purchase tickets for next year or visit the East Quay venue please visit the website http://www.eqvenue.com/

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